New arrival – Snowball the seal pup

Just an update on our latest arrival on Sunday. 'Snowball' from Portavogie is now feeding 4 times a day and gaining weight.

You can be a hero

Snowball Seal PupShould you discover a pup that you think may be in danger or injured then please contact us on 028 4272 8062 or 028 4272 1196, email or send us a FB message and our aquarists will contact you for further information.


Seals are wild animals and are capable of inflicting a painful bite that can result in a bacterial infection. Quite often the 'grey seal' Mother may leave its pups on the rocks or beach while she returns to the water. If people approach the seal pup, the mother may abandon it and this is something we wish to avoid, Keep your distance and keep dogs away if possible.

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