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New Chef & new menu from Monday 5 December!

Our refurbished cafe area has now become a licensed restaurant, providing space to relax and enjoy some fabulous local produce. The gift shop is full of treasures to take home as souvenirs and memories of your trip to Exploris.

Our cafe boasts a wonderful, hand-painted mural inspired by the aquarium. It really is a work of art that you must come and see for yourself - there's something new to see every time you look! We have a selection of sandwiches, salads, scones, traybakes & more to tantalise your tastebuds as well as a selection of beverages including soft drinks, coffees and teas.

Our gift shop has fun toys, stationary, books and more for the kids as well as some beautiful pieces for the home, books and more for the grown ups. It's the perfect way to end a perfect day at Exploris.


Item £
Scrambled Egg & Toast 2.50
Pancakes Bacon Sausage & Egg 4.00
French Toast Syrup & Bacon 3.50
Mini Fry 1 x bacon, 1 x sausage, 1 x potato bread, 1 x soda, 1 x egg 4.75
Musli & yoghurt or Fresh Fruit 3.75
Porridge with Honey or Jam 3.50
Freshly Baked Croissant with Butter & Jam 2.50
Bagel Filled with Bacon & Cream Cheese 4.00
3 Egg Omlette ask server for fillings 4.00

Exploris Cafe mural



Item £
Soup of the Day with Wheaten Bread 4.00
Lasagne, Chips & Salad 5.95
Roast of the Day 7.95
Battered Chicken Goujons with Chunky Chips 7.95
Wrap with Southern Fried Chicken Strips & Sauce 4.50
Pasts Daily Special 6.25
Filled Baked Potato & Salad ask server for fillings 5.25
Caesar Salad with Chicken + £1.25 4.95
Paninis & Toasted Sandwiches ask server for fillings 4
Sandwiches ask server for fillings 3.80
Beef Burger with Chunky Chips 7.95
Fry 2 x Sausages, 1 x Bacon, 2 x Soda, 2 x Potato Bread, 1 x Egg 6.25

Kids Menu

Item £
Slider with Skinny Fries Locally sourced Beef. Cheese optional. 4.50
Freshly Battered Chicken Goujons & Skinny Fries 4.50
Sausages & Skinny Fries Optional Beans 4.50
Captain's Hot Dog & Skinny Fries 4.50
Surfer's Fish Bits with Skinny Fries 4.50
Pasta Daily Special 4.50
Funky Fish Sandwiches ask server for fillings 3.50
Ice Cream & Jelly 1.50 extra

Exploris Cafe mural stingrays